Maximum entropy-based forest fire likelihood mapping: analysing the trends, distribution, and drivers of forest fires in Sikkim Himalaya

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Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research


The recent episodes of forest fires in Brazil and Australia of 2019 are tragic reminders of the hazards of forest fire. Globally incidents of forest fire events are on the rise due to human encroachment into the wilderness and climate change. Sikkim with a forest cover of more than 47%, suffers seasonal instances of frequent forest fire during the dry winter months. To address this issue, a GIS-aided and MaxEnt machine learning-based forest fire prediction map has been prepared using a forest fire inventory database and maps of environmental features. The study indicates that amongst the environmental features, climatic conditions and proximity to roads are the major determinants of forest fire. Model validation criteria like ROC curve, correlation coefficient, and Cohen's Kappa show a good predictive ability (AUC = 0.95, COR = 0.81, κ = 0.78). The outcomes of this study in the form of a forest fire prediction map can aid the stakeholders of the forest in taking informed mitigation measures.

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