Assessment of knowledge of use of electronic cigarette and its harmful effects among young adults

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Open Medicine (Poland)


Background - The practice of young adults smoking e-cigarette may have been adopted as a way of smoking cessation or just to follow a trend. Most people still remain unaware of the detrimental effects of e-cigarette. This study was carried out to assess the prevalence of the habit of smoking e-cigarette and the awareness of its harmful effects among adults aged 18.23 years. Methods - A questionnaire adopted from a study conducted in Italy was used in the study following due permission. After taking their consent, participants were requested to fill the survey irrespective of their smoking status. Results - In total the study comprised 710 participants aged 20.7 ± 1.7 years (females = 412 and males = 298) from six countries. Most respondents were from India followed by the USA and then the UK. The most common mode of information for the participants on the existence of e-cigarette was from the family members, friends followed by Internet search engines and TV/newspaper advertisements. Among the participants, e-cigarette had a prevalence of 5.63%. Among these, 26 participants were using e-cigarette for less than 1 year and 2 participants for more than 5 years. E-cigarette smokers also experienced sore throat, cough, headache, dizziness and sleeplessness. Conclusion - Majority of the young population was unaware about the use and harmful effects of e-cigarette.

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