Magnetohydrodynamic flow of micropolar fluid and heat transfer between a porous and a non-porous disk

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Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences


This paper presents a study of the MHD flow of micropolar fluid and also heat transfer between porous disk and a non-porous disk of infinite radii. The non-zero tangential slip velocity is considered at the porous disk. The self-similar ODEs are obtained using the Von-Karman similarity transformation from the governing PDEs. The resulting equations are then solved numerically by a very efficient Keller-box method based on a finite-difference scheme. The influence of various pertaining parameters on velocity, micro-rotation, temperature, skin friction, and couple stress coefficient have been analyzed. The obtained results agree well with the available literature for special cases. The analysis finds that the heat transfer rate at the surfaces of the disks increases with the increase in the Reynolds number, the magnetic parameter, and the Prandtl number. The shear stresses decrease with the increase in the injection while increase with the increase in the applied magnetic field.

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