Flow of casson fluid through circular porous bearing

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CFD Letters


The present work is connected with fluid dynamics aspects of circular slider. It is study about flow of Casson fluid through circular porous bearing. In this model Casson fluid is forced through the porous bottom of a circular slider which is moving laterally on a horizontal plane. The governing Navier Stokes equations are derived and reduced to nonlinear ordinary differential equations through transformations. The problem is analysed through Homotopy Perturbation Method (HPM) and Finite Difference Method (FDM). The effective terms in the HPM representing the physical parameters reveal the qualitative features of the flow. The results are presented for the velocity, wall gradients of vertical velocity functions and lateral velocity functions values in its absolute values with cross Reynolds number. The results are validated by two methods and are in good agreement. They show that they are increasing at one wall and decreasing at the other wall. It is clear that the efficiency of porous slider bearing increases in case of the Cason fluid. The model has application in hydrostatic thrust bearings and air cushioned vehicles. Further friction is greatly reduced in the present case. So it has importance in industry and technology.

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