Review on unconventional wind energy

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Journal of Engineering and Technological Sciences


Fossil fuel is currently the major source of energy but it is a fast depleting resource. The phenomenal increase in fossil fuel consumption over recent times has adversely affected our carbon footprint, severely impacting the environment. With strict environmental regulations in place, the focus towards renewable sources of energy is gaining momentum, supported by recent advancements in technologies in wind, hydro and solar. Wind energy was the first form of clean energy and has seen a major increase in power production. However, site restrictions limit the wind turbine from being used to its maximum potential. In recent years, the concept of some unconventional methods have been proposed. In this review, various types of wind turbines are discussed with their recent advances and depicting the challenges faced related to various aspects. The review contains details mainly about 4 types of wind turbines, i.e. floating offshore wind turbines, airborne wind turbines, highway wind turbine systems, and locomotive mounted wind turbines.

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