Ensemble Learning Model-Based Test Workbench for the Optimization of Building Energy Performance and Occupant Comfort

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IEEE Access


Buildings consume tremendous energy for the improvement of living and working conditions. Control of daylight-artificial light has the potential to improve energy performance and occupant comfort in buildings. This research proposes an intelligent generalized ensemble learning technique to develop a novel control strategy for Venetian-blind positioning (up-down movement with static slat angle of 45°) of different window orientations. The proposed model helps to maintain occupant comfort and energy saving in a commercial building. The performance of the ensemble learning approach compared against Gaussian process regression, support vector regression and artificial neural network using conventional statistical indicators. Finally, the proposed data-driven model implemented in a real-time Labview-myRIO platform for the experimental validation. The data-driven model is compared with the baseline model and with the uncontrolled blind condition in terms of daylight glare, and energy consumption of lighting and air-conditioning system in the building. The data-driven model is derived using two years of data collected from a fuzzy-based daylight-artificial light integrated scheme. The blind position providing reduced energy consumption and daylight glare along with setpoint illuminance and temperature are validated. A high dynamic range image with EVALGLARE software used to verify the visual comfort based on daylight glare probability. While evaluating the overall energy savings, the ensemble learning model consumes 17% less power than the uncontrolled system and 15% less power than the baseline system. Here, though we are not controlling the air-conditioning system, the experimental validation confirmed that the air-conditioning system significantly reduces its energy consumption.

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