Microstructure authentication on mechanical property of medium carbon Low alloy duplex steels

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Journal of Materials Research and Technology


The present study emphasizes on the mechanical characterization of medium carbon AISI1040 and 4140 duplex steels. AISI 1040 and 4140 steels are generally used as structural steelsfor varying applications, ranging from construction field material to heat resistant partsfor moderate temperatures applications. The objective of the present work is to corroboratemicrostructure and mechanical properties by varying the intercritical temperature in duplexsteels. The normalized specimens of as bought steel are heated to a different intercriticaltemperatures (750, 770, and 790°C), followed by isothermal holding for 2 h and quenching toroom temperature develops duplex phase structure. This treatment grows microstructurewith a variable quantity of martensite embedded in a fine ferrite matrix. For the same carboncontent in the duplex alloy steels, the addition of Cr, Mo, Si, and Mn, increases the tensilestrength and hardness of the material but decreases the toughness and ductility. As theintercritical temperature varies, the amount of martensite and ferrite phases present inthe duplex steel also varies, which intern alters the strength and hardness of the material.Duplex steels have higher strength and hardness than as bought, even though the impactstrength and ductility are poor. Microhardness is used to identify the micro phases present inthe material viz., ferrite and martensite. Microstructure shows the evidence of the formationof a duplex structure with a variation in the amount of aforesaid phases. The result obtainedvalidates the influence of microstructure on mechanical properties of AISI 1040 and 4140steels.

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