Evaluating pharmaceutical marketing knowledge and attitude among medical representative in Mumbai city: A quantitative study

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Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science


Medical representatives are important members of pharmaceutical companies. They are hired based on some specific criteria like basic knowledge about clinical, pharmaceutical marketing, and selling skills which are suitable to interact with healthcare providers. They provide drug's information to healthcare professionals and help pharmaceutical companies to generate the sales. After hiring for medical representative, companies provide training on many aspects. Along with scientific research knowledge, they often need to be updated and well versed with pharmaceutical marketing knowledge. For success of any medical representative, sound knowledge of pharmaceutical marketing is necessary. Knowledge and attitude regarding pharmaceutical marketing need to be ascertained by medical representative from time to time. Evaluation about the same was the main focus of this study. This was an exploratory study that involved both primary research with the help of research survey and secondary research. Target sample was medical representatives working in various pharmaceutical companies. From the above survey, majority of the medical representatives felt that basics of pharmaceutical marketing knowledge are necessary for successful detailing and that will help them to increase sales. Adding to this, they also mentioned that they were only trained on how to read out the matter to healthcare professionals. Moreover, there are many basic pharmaceutical marketing concepts which are needed for better understanding and successful detailing.

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