Perception, attitude and experience of lady medical representatives towards sales profession: A quantitative study

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International Journal of Current Research and Review


Introduction: Personal selling is a crucial determinant factor of success in pharmaceutical marketing. In pharmaceutical selling, the sales personnel are known as a medical representative or detail men. Objective: The objective of the study was to analyse the perception, attitude and experience of lady medical representative towards the sales profession. Methods: Total sample size used for the study was fifty from various pharmaceutical companies. Nonprobability convenience sampling method was used for the study. Results: From the above survey it was noted that lady medical representatives were working as full time for the company. Majority of the respondents believe that there is no differential treatment given to them in comparison to male medical representatives. Conclusion: According to respondents there are lots of advantages like a good job with good package and with flexible timings. Further concept of Lady Medical Representative is at a nascent stage in India and may become more popular in future according to the majority of the respondents.

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