Awareness among under graduate students of Mangalore city regarding novel coronavirus (COVID-19)-A questionnaire study

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Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness


Background: COVID-19 outbreak has surfaced as an imminent threat for the public health. Since India is a populous country, it is important for Indians to be aware of the basic modes of prevention that can diminish the spread of the COVID-19 infection.Aim:The present questionnaire study was carried out among the undergraduate students to assess the awareness regarding the spread and control of COVID-19.Methods:The questionnaire was circulated among the undergraduate students as a google form.Results:The study included responses of 868 undergraduate students belonging to two university colleges. Majority of the participants were females (63%, n=547) in the age range of 18-23 years. About 98.3% (853) had awareness regarding COVID-19. About 94.7% (822) were washing their hands after visiting public places, out of which only 90.6% (786) were aware of proper steps to be followed in hand washing. It was concluded that it is required to create awareness among 20.8% (181) of our study participants regarding the importance of hand washing to control COVID-19.Conclusion:Awareness regarding COVID-19 among study participants was good. However, a small part of the study population is required to be educated on proper steps to be followed in hand washing.



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