Rough set based QoS enabled multipath source routing in MANET

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International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering


The single constrained Quality of Service (QoS) routing in Mobile Ad-hoc NETwork (MANET) is disastrous in consideration of MANET characteristics, inference, collision and link failure as it maintains a single path. The QoS enabled routing yields better packet delivery and maintains consistency among nodes in the network by incorporating multi-constrained and multipath routing. The Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) is best suited source routing algorithm to maintain multipath information at the source node, but performance degrades with larger number of mobile nodes. Multi-layer mechanism should be incorporated to maintain QoS metric information spreads across multiple layers of TCP/IP protocol stack. The proposed multipath QoS enabled source routing provides balanced routing by making use of all these features. The imprecise decision making strategy called Rough Set Theory (RST) is used at destination node for decision making. The Route REQuest (RREQ) messages coming from different routes are filtered by considering the QoS metrics of each and every route by making use of RST. The Route REPly (RREP) messages are generated and delivered to the source node for filtered RREQ messages. The proposed routing algorithm will reduce load on the network by reducing number of control messages exchanged for route establishment. This will evenly distribute load among all the nodes and it also avoid the scenarios like few nodes starved for resources. Finally, multipath routing always provides alternate routing option in case of route failure.

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