Diode based reconfigurable microwave filters for cognitive radio applications: A review

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IEEE Access


The cognitive radio paradigm for developing next-century wireless communication systems is rapidly entering the mainstream, and various aspects of it are currently being applied in 5G technology, aeronautical engineering, military communications, emergency, and public safety applications, satellite communication, and healthcare. Cognitive radio focuses on the existence of software defined radio architectures that allow dynamic reconfiguration. Many researchers have taken initiatives in the last decade to achieve the reconfiguration ability in cognitive radio systems to support the concept of dynamic spectrum access. As cognitive radio adapts dynamic spectrum allocation for its users, the physical implementation requires reconfigurable filters that can alter the carrier frequencies and bandwidth. Although there are many ways to reconfigure filter operation, diode based reconfiguration has received utmost attention among researchers because of its shorter response delay and easy implementation. In the last decade, researchers have reported several diode-based reconfigurable filters, including their characteristics such as filter function, filter combination, tuning range, variation in bandwidth, isolation, and resonance. However, to examine the potential of these filters in the application of cognitive radio, a comprehensive review needs to be pursued. In this review article, the descriptions of several diode based reconfigurable filters are illustrated with their exhibiting characteristics. The detailed information provided in this article has disclosed that primarily three different types diode based reconfigurable filters have been reported by researchers: Tunable, Switchable, and Hybrid (Both Tunable and Switchable). It is also found that each type of reconfiguration can further be segregated in terms of filter function, centre frequency variation, and bandwidth variation. The detailed categorization of the reconfiguration presented in this paper provides a systematic approach to select the correct reconfigurable filter for the desired frequency reconfiguration in cognitive radio.

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