Dynamic in vitro culture of bovine and human ovarian tissue enhances follicle progression and health

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Scientific Reports


In vitro ovarian cortical tissue culture, followed by culture of isolated secondary follicles, is a promising future option for production of mature oocytes. Although efforts have been made to improve the culture outcome by changing the medium composition, so far, most studies used static culture systems. Here we describe the outcome of 7 days cultures of bovine and human ovarian cortical tissue in a dynamic system using a novel perifusion bioreactor in comparison to static culture in conventional and/or gas permeable dishes. Findings show that dynamic culture significantly improves follicle quality and viability, percentage and health of secondary follicles, overall tissue health, and steroid secretion in both species. Model predictions suggest that such amelioration can be mediated by an enhanced oxygen availability and/or by fluid-mechanical shear stresses and solid compressive strains exerted on the tissue.



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