Intratemporal mucormycosis: A rare COVID-19 sequelae

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BMJ Case Reports


A man in his 50s presented with a 2-month history of left ear discharge associated with hearing loss and weakness of left half of face since 15 days. The patient had no comorbidities, but he gave history of being treated for COVID-19 pneumonia 2 months ago post which he started experiencing left-sided aural symptoms. Clinical examination of ear revealed a subtotal perforation with multiple granulations in middle ear. Facial nerve examination revealed grade 3 lower motor neuron palsy. The biopsy of the granulations was sent to aid in diagnosis which later confirmed left ear mucormycosis. Otological involvement with facial palsy and sudden sensorineural loss in a patient with prior history of COVID-19 has not been reported until in literature. We try to communicate our experience to bridge the gap in understanding and managing this extremely rare occurrence of mucormycosis in the ear of a patient diagnosed with COVID-19 infection.



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