Otorhinolaryngology Symptom Assessment Using SNOT 22 Among SARS CoV-2 Patients in a Tertiary Care Centre

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Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery


The main aim of the study was to assess various ENT symptoms in COVID 19 patients, also to investigate the severity of ENT symptoms among COVID 19 patients and find their relation on basis of scores among five discrete domains of SNOT 22 (Sino nasal Outcome Test). A prospective observational study was conducted among 135 patients between 18 to 75 years of age, in the month of September 2020 with COVID-19 infection having mild, moderate disease who were admitted to our hospital. Subjects were divided into groups according to their presenting ENT symptoms based on age, gender and other comorbidities and differences between the groups were examined. The sinonasal symptoms were assessed using the SNOT 22 questionnaire. A strong statistical significance with loss of smell and taste sensation was noted in patients above the age of 40 years. It was also noted that the patients who presented with cough above the age of 40 years were significantly more. Evaluation of sinonasal symptoms using SNOT 22 questionnaire showed that Extranasal rhinologic symptoms, Psychological dysfunction, Sleep dysfunction had significantly higher association among patients who were more than 40 years. We observed that, Extranasal rhinologic symptoms were significantly higher among males than females. There is thus an emergent need to develop a uniform tool to assess the various ENT symptoms. In our study we assessed the patients with COVID 19 using a standard questionnaire to observe the symptomatology, psychological and sleep dysfunctions due to sinonasal issues, and to closely understand the relationship of various symptoms in a meticulous manner.

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