Homecare system for demented people using IoT

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International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering


Internet of Things (IoT) provides many homecare systems and makes an easier life for humans. Some homecare systems are really useful for aged people. In our society, many aged people are suffering from a disease called dementia. Dementia word describes the set of symptoms that may contain memory loss and difficulty with thinking. The demented people are unable to recognize their family members. Also they have difficulty to deal with day to day activities. Taking care of such people is not a dominant task if assigned to a caretaker, but some people may not afford these much of expenses. Even if it is assigned to the caretaker, they may be burdened with the amount of care required. In this work, to reduce the burden on the caretakers, a homecare system using IoT is designed. An android camera phone installed at the door recognizes the face of the arrived person and sends an unique identifier wirelessly to an android watch wore by the demented person. The android watch alerts the user with vibration. Also, it opens the locally stored image using the unique identifier and announces the name of the arrived person. Reminder application is also used to remind the day to day activities with voice commands.

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