Nephroprotective activity of Sinapis alba in gentamicin induced murine model of renotoxicity

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International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences


Sinapis alba, belongs to the family Brassicaceae and is known to possess an antioxidant capacity. Based on this background, this study was planned to look for the nephroprotective activity of Sinapis alba seed extract against nephrotoxicity caused by gentamicin in rats. Sinapis alba seeds were dried in the shade and then powdered. Then, the powder was subjected to extraction with 95% ethanol and brought to a syrup consistency by distilling the solvent and reducing the pressure using a water bath. Animals were divided into four groups. Each group had six animals in it. Group 1 serves as normal control, while the next group was disease control (received gentamicin). The rats in third and fourth groups were treated with the extract of Sinapis alba (200 and 400 mg/kg). The animals were sacrificed, and biochemical and histopathological studies were carried out after the 8 day of study. Results of the study showed positive effects with 200 mg/kg as well as 400 mg/kg doses of Sinapis alba extract. Serum urea, creatinine, and BUN was reduced significantly in the test group compared to the group which received gentamicin (p<0.05). Moreover, this biochemical evidence was also validated with the histopathological results indicated with the absence of necrosis and casts in the tubular lumen. Ethanolic extract of Sinapis alba administered by the oral route in an experimental murine model using gentamicin as an instigator of damage to the kidney, effectively reduced renal damage in rats, therefore provides a scientific evidence of a renoprotective effect. th

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