A Cadaveric Report on a Giant Ureteric Stone Led Right Hydro Ureter and Severe Hydronephrosis

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Ethiopian journal of health sciences


Background: The ureter shows natural constrictions in its course, and these are the potential site for the impaction of the renal calculus. Giant ureteral stones are associated with insidious growth and late presentation, often leading to renal failure. Case Presentation: In the present case, we observed a huge ureteric stone obstructing the right ureterovesical junction in a 58 year-old male cadaver. We also found hydroureter distal to the impaction of the calculus, renal damage and severe hydronephrosis on the right side. Histopathological analysis showed conditions of arterio-nephro-sclerosis and eroded ureter secondary to the calculus. Ureteric stones obstruction may result in hydroureter, hydronephrosis and progressive renal damage leading to irreversible renal function. The present case provides valuable information regarding the gross and histopathological alterations in ureteric calculi. Conclusion: It further enables clinicians to be armed with the knowledge of preventive approaches to educate patients with previous calculi, or those who may develop in the future.

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