Design and development of novel semi active eddy current damper for aerospace applications

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International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering


The structural vibration damping is of utmost priority and critical for electronic and mechanical devices used in aircraft and automobiles. A novel eddy current damper is designed and developed, thereby the damping characteristics were evaluated theoretically and experimentally to obtain an optimum value of damping coefficient to suppress the vibrations in the devices. After performing the various calculations, the desired value for “c” (eddy current damping co-efficient) is found out to be 150.93 Ns/m for a plate thickness of 3 mm, a current value of 3A, number of turns on the electromagnet was 1000. The graph of “c” vs “t” was found out to be a straight line. The nature of the graph obtained between amplitude of vibration vs time was similar to that of logarithmic decrement curve where the ratio of successive amplitudes remains constant. The value of damping coefficient ζ was found out to be in the desired range of the theoretical value.

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