Research and development of user authentication using graphical passwords: A prospective methodology

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International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering


Nowadays in information security user authentication is a very important task. In most of the computer, user authentication depends on the alphanumeric username and password. It means text-based password. But, this is not highly secure because of hackers can easily break the password. Brute force attack, dictionary attack, guessing attack etc. these all are some possible attacks on the password. If the user chooses a difficult password to prevent the system from the attackers which is very much harder for the user to remember such a difficult password. So, to resolve this problem introduced a new technique called graphical password authentication. This paper presents a detailed survey of user authentication techniques using a graphical password. It contains basically two type approaches. They are recognition-based and recall-based approaches. This survey discusses the different techniques about Graphical password authentication and their advantages and limitations. The survey provides a roadmap for the development of new graphical authentication scheme.

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