Challenges of earned value management-application in Indian construction industry

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International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering


The predominant goal of a construction industry is to cessation the projects on schedule and within the budget, with proper usance of all the resources. But most of the project runs over budget, lagging behind the schedule. Earned value management (EVM) is one of the techniques to overcome the issues related to the schedule and budget. EVM helps to track the project performance by delivering the schedule variance, cost variance and their performance index. The objective of this study is to survey the challenges in applying earned value management to the ongoing projects in the Indian construction industry. After, conducting structured questionnaire survey and interviews some of the challenges in application of EVM were recognized. Depending on the personal comments given by different construction managers nine of challenges are observed and each of them is briefly discussed. Financing and late payment of the completed work, pressures to report only good news and inaccurate assessment of project time are the top rated challenges gleaned from the study. The personal interviews reveal that lacking in using earned value management software is the major cause with 55% responses.

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