Five veins at the deep inguinal ring. Can they reduce the chances of indirect inguinal hernia and increase the chances of varicocele?

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International Journal of Morphology


Complete duplication of testicular veins is a rare phenomenon. However, a few cases of duplication of gonadal veins have been reported. Here, I report a case of unusual formation and termination of the right testicular vein in an adult male cadaver. Five veins arose from the pampinniform plexus and entered the abdomen through the deep inguinal ring. The most medial among the five was large (3 mm in diameter) and it continued as a testicular vein and opened into the right edge of the inferior vena cava, 1 cm above the union of the common iliac veins. The other four veins were about 1 mm in diameter and they united to form two veins in front of the lower part of the right psoas and iliacus muscles (about 2 cm above the deep inguinal ring) and the two veins united to form upper testicular vein, 4 cm above the deep inguinal ring. This testicular vein was 3 mm in diameter and it opened into the inferior vena cava, 4 cm above the union of common iliac veins. Having five veins at deep inguinal ring might increase the chances of varicocele and decrease the chances of indirect inguinal hernia.

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