Perturbation-related measures of voice in geriatrics: A normative using multidimensional voice profile

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Otorhinolaryngology Clinics


Aging causes changes in the speech mechanism that varies from individual to individual. Acoustic cues of aging are regarded as the product of the physiology of the system. The frequency and amplitude perturbations are commonly seen amongst aged voice. It is necessary to discern changes precipitated by normal aging from those that are secondary to the pathological aging process. The aim of the study was to profile the perturbation (frequency and amplitude) norms in aged. Materials and methods: A total of n = 162 participants, in the age range of 60–70 years, were enrolled. The acoustic analysis was done using the Multidimensional Voice Profile (MDVP) software. Results: The mean values obtained for most of the acoustic measures were observed to be higher with increase in age. Some of the acoustic measures significantly varied across the age groups and the genders. Conclusion: This normative data will aid in differentially diagnosing the variations in normal aging from those secondary to the pathological aging process.

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