Simultaneous Effects of Heat Transfer and Variable Viscosity on Peristaltic Transport of Casson Fluid Flow in an Inclined Porous Tube

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International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering


The present study investigates the combined effects of varying viscosity and heat transfer on a Casson fluid through an inclined porous axisymmetric tube in the presence of slip effects. The modeled governing equations are solved analytically by considering the long wavelength and small Reynolds number approximations. The numerical integration is employed to obtain pressure rise and frictional force. A parametric analysis has been presented to study the effects of the Darcy number, angle of inclination, varying viscosity, velocity slip, thermal slip, yield stress, amplitude ratio, Prandtl number and Eckert number on the pressure rise, pressure gradient, streamlines, frictional force and temperature. The study reveals that an increase in the angle of inclination and viscosity parameter has a proportional increase in the pressure rise. Also, an increase in the porosity causes a significant reduction in the pressure rise.

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