Development and evaluation of polyherbal lozenges for cold and flu

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Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research


Background: Lozenges are solid dosage form which are intended to slowly dissolve in the mouth for therapeutic effect. Common cold and flu are common diseases which usually infects the respiratory tract including symptoms like head and body ache, fever, drowsiness, runny nose, congestion and cough. Aim: The present polyherbal lozenge formulations developed to eliminate all symptoms of cold and flu. Although many herbal and allopathic drugs are available, but they are not sufficient to treat all the symptoms through one formulation. Materials and Methods: Jaggery and sugar were dissolved in water and all the juices of drugs mixed and heated till suitable consistency and finally poured in lozenges mold and cooled to form lozenges. Results: The lozenges are evaluated for various quality parameters like hardness, friability, thickness, weight uniformity and disintegration time which comply with the standard mentioned in GMP guidelines. Conclusion: Lozenge is completely herbal containing no synthetic ingredient and is economical to treat all the symptoms of cold and flu.

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