A Comparative Evaluation of Reliability of an Android-based App and Computerized Cephalometric Tracing Program for Orthodontic Cephalometric Analysis

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Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal


This study aimed to assess the reliability of the android smartphone-based app OneCeph by comparing it with computer cephalometric tracing program Dolphin Imaging software. 50 cephalometric radiographs were randomly selected. On each cephalogram 20 landmarks were marked. 15 parameters indicating skeletal, dental and soft tissue parameters were selected and measured. The values obtained from Dolphin imaging software and the OneCeph app were compared with respect to the assessment of measurements of various parameters by paired t-test. It was observed thatfour parameters out of the fifteen showed significant differences between Dolphin imaging software and OneCeph app (p<0.05). For all the other parameters selected, no differences were observed between Dolphin and OneCeph digital methods and also there is a significant and positive correlation between the measures obtained from the Dolphin and OneCeph app for each landmark parameter. The results obtained by the OneCeph app showed most parameters are comparable with the Dolphin Imaging software. Therefore, it can be concluded that this app is reliable, user-friendly which facilitates its use by the clinician on a regular basis. This user-friendly OneCeph app can be utilized with sufficient accuracy for the cephalometric analysis of most of the measurements required in day-to-day clinical orthodontic practice.

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