Reduction in thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity of indium and tellurium co-doped bismuth selenide thermoelectric system

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Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics


Polycrystalline samples of (Bi In ) Se Te (x = 0.00, 0.02, and 0.04) were prepared by the solid-state reaction technique. X-ray diffraction pattern confirms that the polycrystalline samples have a hexagonal structure with spacegroup R3 - m. The surface morphologic study reveals the existence of porous behavior in the studied samples due to the volatilization of Selenium. Energy dispersive X-ray analysis validates the expected and observed elemental composition of the samples. Electrical resistivity has shown metallic behavior. Hall effect and Seebeck coefficient measurements indicate the p-type and n-type conduction for the pristine sample Bi Se and the (Bi In ) Se Te samples, respectively. The thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity were found to reduce by 7.5 and 9 times, respectively, for (Bi In ) Se Te compared to the pristine sample Bi Se . 1-x x 2 2.7 0.3 2 3 1-x x 2 2.7 0.3 0.96 0.04 2 2.7 0.3 2 3

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