Design of an Instrument for Liquid Level Measurement and Concentration Analysis Using Multisensor Data Fusion

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Journal of Sensors


This paper presents the design of an instrument for measuring the liquid level. The objective of this proposed work is to measure the level of liquid accurately even with variations in liquid concentration. The designed instrument should also be able to compute the concentration of additives in the liquid. For this purpose, a multisensor model comprising a capacitive level sensor (CLS), ultrasonic level sensor (ULS), and capacitance pressure sensor is used to acquire information of the liquid. The data acquired from all these sensors are processed using Pau's multisensor data fusion framework to compute the level of liquid along with the concentration of additives added to the solution. Pau's framework consists of alignment, association function, analysis, and representation functions. The designed multisensor technique is tested with real-life data for varying liquid levels and additives. The results obtained show that the successful implementation of the proposed objective producing a root mean square of percentage error is 1.1% over the full scale is possible.



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