Reference values for glittre activities of the daily living test in healthy subjects among indian population- a cross-sectional study

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Current Respiratory Medicine Reviews


Background: The Glittre ADL test was done to assess the functional capacity of patients with COPD. 6 MWT was used to check for functional capacity, but there was a limitation of upper limb work or activities other than walking. Objective: To develop reference equations for Glittre ADL test on the basis of anthropometric and demographic variables in healthy individual among Indian population. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted with 423 healthy participants of either gender between 20-70 years. Participants were divided into 5 groups based on age. Each participant underwent anthropometric assessment & two glitter ADL tests. Two out of the best performance out of two was considered and the minimum time spend was taken. Results: The mean time spent by males in different age groups was 20-30 years 3.18±0.56, 30-40 years 3.36±0.17, 40-50 years 3.46±0.18, 50-60 years 3.53±0.15, 60-70 years 4.02±0.27.For females in different age groups the mean time was 20-30 years 3.31±0.14, 30-40 years 3.41±0.13, 40-50 years 3.48±0.13, 50-60 years 3.75±0.28, 60-70 years 4.30±0.19. Equation 1: Glittre ADL-test predicted =3.399+(0.018×age years)+(-0.004×height cm), Equation 2: Glittre ADL-test predicted =2.805+(-0.002× BMI)+(0.018×age year). Conclusion: The reference equations for the time to complete the Glittre ADL-test were based on age, BMI, height as independent variables and can be useful for predicting the performance of adult individuals.

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