Unusual branching pattern and termination of facial artery and its clinical implications for facial operations

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Jornal Vascular Brasileiro


The facial artery is the main artery of the face and variations in its origin and its branching pattern have been documented. We report herein multiple facial artery branch variations in the face. A large posterior (premasseteric) branch originated from the left facial artery and coursed upwards behind the main trunk of the facial artery. This artery presented with a straight course and was closely related to the anterior border of the masseter. The branch then terminated by supplying the adjacent connective tissue below the parotid duct. It was also observed that the facial artery was very thick and tortuous and terminated as the superior labial artery. Knowledge of this variation is of great clinical significance in facial operations, especially for maxillofacial surgeons and plastic surgeons, because it forms the anatomical basis for the facial artery musculo-mucosal flap.



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