Studies on mild steel particulates reinforced duralumin composite fabricated through powder metallurgy route

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International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development


In the present study Duralumin(DA) based Mild Steel particles (MS -6% wt. and 12% wt.) reinforced composite are fabricated by cold compacting the milled powders. The mechanically mixed powders are compacted in a die cavity by applying a uniaxial steady load in the range 22-38 T. The hardness of green compacts produced are increased by sintering. The SEM images showed an even dispersion of MS in the duralumin alloy and elemental composition is confirmed by the EDAX spectrum. The sintered specimens were further subjected to aging treatment. Compacts were soaked at 550 C for a span of 2 h and then are quenched in water at ambient temperature. The temperatures selected for aging treatment are 100, 150, and 200 C and hardness was checked for every 60 minutes of time. The peak hardness obtained because of aging heat treatment is found to be much better than the corresponding sintered compacts. Compacts peak aged at 100 C exhibited better tensile strength than the rest of the other specimens. p p 0 0 0

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