Serial blood volume estimation in rabbits using trivalent chromium – An exploratory study

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Though often used in cardiac intensive monitoring set up, simultaneous evaluation of several variables like CVP, PCWP, SVV and hTEE for fluid volume resuscitation (especially when capillary permeability is major problem than cardiac performance)is a major challenge in many ICU setups. Therefore, repetitive determination of blood volume by trivalent chromium [ Cr (III)]as a direct single variable method may be a near ideal method during fluid volume resuscitation in cases where capillary permeability is a major problem (e.g. Burns). Hence, in the present article the repeatability and reliability of Cr (III)method in New Zealand white rabbits was explored. Mean blood volume values of initial measurement were 195.66 ± 47.30 ml or 89.81 ± 17.88 ml/kg body weight. Repeated mean blood volume values, measured after 1 h, was 181.98 ± 53.16 ml or 83.68 ± 22.09 ml/kg body weight. The average difference between the initial and repeated measurements was 10.93 ml (95% CI −3.33, 25.19 ml), which is not statistically significant (P = 0.128). The method using Cr (III)for repeat blood volume measurements after sixty minutes in rabbits is a reliable method. • Rapid • Repeatable • Reliable 51 51 51

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