Impact of variable liquid properties on peristaltic mechanism of convectively heated jeffrey fluid in a slippery elastic tube

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Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer


The present paper examines the peristaltic mechanism of a Jeffrey fluid through an elastic tube. The influence of velocity slip, convective boundary conditions, and variable liquid properties are taken into account. Closed form solutions are obtained for velocity, flux and temperature fields. In order to linearize the temperature equation, perturbation technique is employed. Also, the flux is determined theoretically via Rubinow and Keller and Mazumdar approach and the results are compared graphically. The effects of various vital parameters on the fluid flow are sketched and analyzed graphically. The findings emphasize the importance of elastic parameters in enhancing the flux of a non-Newtonian fluid. Moreover, a rise in the variable viscosity results in an increase in the velocity and temperature, whereas a drop in the flux is observed. Trapping phenomena reveals an increase in the volume of the bolus for increasing values of the variable viscosity and velocity slip parameter.



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