Design Techniques of Super-Wideband Antenna-Existing and Future Prospective

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IEEE Access


With the recent advancement and phenomenal progress in the field of wireless communication technology, there is an ever increasing demand for high data rates and improved quality of service for the end users. In recent times various designs of super wideband antennas (SWB) fulfilling diverse objectives have been proposed for modern wireless networks. Design of compact and wideband antenna for high speed, high capacity, and secure wireless communications presents a challenging task for designers of fixed and mobile wireless communication systems. In this paper, a comprehensive review concerning antenna structures and the technologies adopted for design and analysis of SWB antennas for wireless application is reported. Comparative parameters in terms of electrical dimension, bandwidth, Fractional bandwidth (FB) and Bandwidth Dimension Ratio (BDR) are presented which introduces the researchers to the technical challenges in the design of a compact wideband antenna. This paper contributes to present existing novel approaches along with its adequacy in the design techniques. This review exercise will assist the researchers with valuable support for further research and to achieve better impedance matching, wide bandwidth, high gain and good efficiency along with well directive radiation characteristics.

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