Development and characterization of polymer-based composite material for electronic application (Sensor and actuator, Dielectric, piezo/triboelectric, electroactive polymer, and shape memory polymer)

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The development of novel electronics and biomedical devices involved, material, controller, and measurement. In that, polymer-based composite material is one of the key parameters in the development of products, which can be used in electronics, biomedical and automotive applications. The main aim is to identify the novel composite material and determine the feasible feature used for sensing and actuation purposes. Also, develop a simulation model or theoretical equation and compared it with the experimental result for better visibility and solid justification of the output. Finally, the prototype can be displayed and tested by considering all design aspects of the product.

Presently, we are working development of 3D printed composite for the electronic, soft actuator, and biomedical applications. In continuous development the dielectric, piezo, tribo, and SMP material, for sensing and actuation application. Also, involved in the development of IIOT based automation system for acquiring process parameters to control the inflow and outflow of the product.

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Publication Date

Summer 10-1-2022