Nanocomposites for energy and environmental applications

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The overexploitation of fossil fuels and increasing socio-economic challenges indulge the society to search for the alternative renewable fuel resources. biomass-derived energy, the liquid biofuel sources, such as bioethanol and biodiesel are more preferred, as it represents about thirty-five percent of the net worldwide future energy requirement and reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. Our research group is attempting algae-based biofuel production. Water is the most essential compound on the earth for the human activities. Proving clean water is the prime requirement of the human being for their better health.

pollution is becoming one of the most serious environment problems globally. It is the most threat problem for population in dense countries like India. Its presence in low concentration of pollutants in various water resources could be harmful to human health. The treatment of pollutants is so important due to their persistence in the environment. In recent years, the research in the field of nanocomposites has gained a lot of momentum as a consequence of their unique physical, chemical and biological features. Environmentally benign, sustainable and green processes are captivating the nanotechnology researchers by virtue of the problem’s concomitant with the conventional chemical methods. We are exploring the role of nanocomposites for the production of biofuels and removal of hazardous pollutants.

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Winter 11-1-2022