Thermal energy storage using phase change materials

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In recent years, energy demand has tremendously increased due to high energy consumption in domestic and industrial sectors. Fossil fuels have become a primary source in fulfilling all the human needs of energy. But due to its limited resource and also due to the rapid rate of consumption, the prices of fossil fuels have increased significantly and are expected to continue in coming years. In addition to this, fossil fuels cause extensive damage to the environment as it leads to global warming. Therefore, there is an utmost need to utilize the energy in a right way and conserve it as much as possible. Phase change materials (PCMs) is one of the best alternatives to store the thermal energy either for short term or long term duration. The PCMs store and release significant amount of thermal energy during their phase change process. He stored heat can be released to the atmosphere by properly designing a thermal management system for the lithium-ion batteries. By using force cooling and fins, along with the PCMs, the thermal performance of the battery can be further enhanced. Most of the PCMs suffers from poor thermal conductivity, hence, addition of thermal conductivity enhancers further increases the overall thermal conductivity of the mixture. There are several applications of PCMs, such as, building conditioning, EV battery thermal management, food and drug transportation, cooling of telecom shelters, domestic solar water heaters, space cooling and heating systems etc.

I work in different PCM applications, such as, 1. Thermal management of lithium-ion batteries 2. Electronic cooling etc.

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Awards and Recognitions:

  • Received the Award for Excellence in Ph.D Thesis Work from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai on 5th August 2011 (This award was chosen amongst Aerospace, Mechanical and Energy Systems and Engineering Departments).
  • Received Travel Grant from Department of Science and Technology (DST) to present a paper at 3rd European Conference for Aerospace Sciences held during 6th – 9th July, 2009 at Paris, France.
  • Received Travel Grant from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India to present a paper at 9th International Gas Turbine Congress held during 2nd – 7thDec., 2007 at Tokyo, Japan
    • Secured Second University Rank in the M.Tech. Program at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere, Maharashtra during year 2003-05.
    • Reviewer for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Experimental Thermal & Fluid Science, ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering, Applied Thermal Engineering, Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics and IEEE journals.

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Winter 11-1-2022