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To meet the need of the intended user especially the children with type 1 diabetes, who cannot manage their own therapy and they rely on the supervision of guardians. The occurrence of the scene of hypoglycemia in type1 is very common and could lead to the juncture of death. Hence prevention of occurrence or treating it as soon as possible it is occurred is the positive outlook for such conditions. This could be possible with continuous monitoring of the blood glucose and immediately taking action on the lowering or increasing blood glucose in the body. A dual control pump with insulin to lower the blood glucose and glucagon to elevate the blood glucose can be designed with a suitable controller which will regulate the blood glucose automatically. The pump is attached to the patient’s body either at the abdomen or at the thighs. The controller should be so efficient and robust that it should maximize the time spent within the desired normal range depending on the patient’s body.


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Winter 11-1-2022

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