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The multi-objective optimal scheduling of the VPP problem considering multiple renewable energy resources consist of solar PV modules, wind turbines, fuel cells, electric loads, heat-only units, and CHP units, has been solved using the multi-objective optimization algorithms. In this research, a peak valley power pricing strategy is introduced and the optimal scheduling of the VPP is attained by performing a multi-objective scheduling strategy (MOSS), which is day-ahead (on an hourly basis) and 15-min based (for a one-day profile), to observe the behavior of the anticipated system with a better constraint handling method.

This work also aims to integrate solar PV with a utility grid to supplement the demand of a load. Energy management system (EMS) estimates and monitors the actual energy generation and use. The optimum solar PV EMS with electric vehicle (EV) as a storage unit is developed based on the load data. The linear program-based optimization method is used to decrease the extent of energy import from the utility grid and the total cost of variable-priced electricity.


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Winter 11-1-2022

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Engineering Commons