Bacterial production of biopolymer curdlan, optimization and characterization; solid state fermentative production of inulinase enzyme

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News Article


Curdlan: Work commences with isolation and identification of curdlan-producing microorganisms from various environmental sources. Subsequently fermentation to produce the biopolymer curdlan, optimization for enhanced yield is carried out. Finally, the biopolymer produced will be partially characterized.

Solid state fermentation: Inulinase producing fungi are isolated from novel sources. Using the isolated species, solid state fermentation will be carried out on a laboratory scale using various novel solid substrates. Inulinase enzyme activity will be determined after solid state fermentation. Optimization of inulinase activity will also be carried out using Central composite design (CCD) for enhanced yield of the enzyme. Scale-up studies including preliminary fermentation, and kinetic studies will be carried out in a 10 litres solid state fermentor to enhance the production of inulinase.


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Publication Date

Winter 11-1-2022