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Growing demand for edible nuts as an ingredient due to their excellent properties longer shelf life, crunchiness, and high nutritional value is expected to bring new opportunities. Presently, quality evaluation of edible nut kernels depends heavily on manual inspection, which is influenced by physiological factors, inducing subjective assessments leading to wavering results. To aid and minimize manual inspection, several attempts have been made to mechanize the grading of the edible nut kernels. Though there are several systems available for grading of edible nut kernels, their initial cost is very high. As the pricing depends on its grade quality, edible nuts has become an expensive food product due to high initial and labor costs involved in inspection and grading.

In the field of agriculture science, the presence of disease in edible nuts, affects the quantity and quality of production. To sort the edible nuts based on quality is a challenging task. Thus, an effective system for identify the defects and grading of edible nuts is desired.

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Spring 10-30-2022