Developing Bioplastic, as an replacement for Synthetic Plastic

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News Article


Synthetic plastic has become the integral part of our life. However this has caused an significant damage to human, marine life and has become an threat to our eco system. Thus to come out this problem we can think of using ecofriendly products in our day to day activities, materials which are biodegradable either naturally or through industrial composting. Today many ecofriendly materials are available in the market, but due to the cost factor and performance, it is not in a position to replace the existing synthetic plastic. Hence it is required to develop a bioplastic, which degrades naturally and meets the performance of synthetic plastic. Thus in this research an economical bioplastic will be synthesized.

Biodegradable plastics made from renewable resources are obviously the best option for achieving the goals of sustainable development and reducing environmental consequences. In this research, bioplastics which are naturally produced from bio polymers, appear to be a potential option to replacing or reducing the widespread usage of conventional plastics and associated hazardous waste

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Spring 10-30-2022