Solid state lighting’s reliability studies, lighting controls and application of lighting for health.

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Solid state lighting technology is now part of each and every applications in providing the quality lighting design solutions. The advancements made in the material science research resulted in the availability of Light emitting devices with different emission spectra, further expanding its suitability in various other domains such as health sector, horticulture and so on... However each of the LED devices possess its unique electrical and optical characteristics. In general lighting applications, the market available LED luminaire consists of many LEDs with the different power rating along with the suitable driver system forming the lighting fixture which delivers the desired lumen output. However, over the period of time, the lumen maintenance and its life is affected by the factors such as the operating current, environment & the junction temperature. Therefore it is desired investigate the performance of the commercially available LEDs of different power ratings & study its physics of failure mechanism through machine learning approach. The physics involved machine learning approach is used to predict the life of the LED devices under test subjected to electrical and temperature stresses for short duration.

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Spring 10-30-2022