Fiber reinforced composites, alternative materials, green materials

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Nature and user-friendly materials augur well for balancing the geo atmosphere as their safe disposal at the end of service life is simpler and easier. Simple soil burial or land filling can dispose them safely without ruining the earth’s atmosphere and surroundings. Also, planned or natural growth of vegetation that yields such bio-based products favours the ambience by absorbing the green house gases during their emergence, hence they tend to balance the earths surface temperature, by not allowing the global warming not exceeding the safe limits.

There is ample of scope for using such natural resources as raw materials and add value to locally available ones, producing aesthetically appealing products that favours pleasant non-toxic working conditions, thereby boosting the economy of the regions. Such materials produced shall have other in- built natural advantages such as noise and shock absorption in the applied environment, low cost, light weight systems. Applications of such tailored materials and systems could be adapted in real life systems such as packing, sealing, carry bags , interior child parts in automobiles etc.

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Winter 11-1-2022