Isolated Multiport Converter to Integrate Multiple Energy Sources and Energy Storage

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Multiport Converters are used in interfacing of distributed energy sources with grid/load. Isolated converters are needed in applications where converter gain is high and there is a requirement of isolation. Dual transformer asymmetric triple active bridge offers the advantage of reduced circulating current. However, the operating range is low for variation in load and source voltage. In this paper duty ratio modulation technique is proposed to regulate the load voltage and control the power flow. As a result of the new gating scheme, the converter switches operate with ZVS, irrespective of variations in load power and source voltage. The control technique is validated through simulation of a 1kW three port DC-DC converter.

  1. …. DOI:10.11591/ijpeds.v12.i2.pp943-956

…… 10.1109/I2CT42659.2018.9058269

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Spring 10-30-2022