Vibration isolation control techniques for structures Effectiveness of columns to improve soft consolidating soil

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Base isolation using sliding bearing is one of the technique to reduce the forces due to earthquakes. The effectiveness of friction pendulum system (FPS) and variable frequency pendulum isolator on building structures, bridges and water tanks are studied. The influence of soil structure interaction on FPS isolated structures and tanks are also studied. In addition the semi active control techniques such as radial basis function neural net work algorithm and PID controller to control the seismic response of FPS isolated structure is also proposed. A computer progrmme for the analysis of structures such as building frames, bridges and tanks isolated with sliding bearings is developed for the analysis.

Effectiveness of various types of columns such as stone, lime, SC and CFG on both the settlement and factor of safety of embankment constructed on soft consolidating soil at various time intervals is studied. A computer program based on finite element method for evaluating settlement, excess pore water pressure and factor of safety at various time intervals for the embankment on soft consolidating soil is developed for the analysis.


2) https:/doi.org/10.1007/s40515-022-00237-3.




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Spring 10-1-2022