Analysis & Control of Bifurcations in Power System with FACTS Controllers

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Electrical power system is a complex and nonlinear system that may show various complicated events which have not been thoroughly examined until now. It shows rich nonlinear dynamic phenomena both under normal and emergency operating conditions. Sometimes variations of any parameter may result in sudden change in the qualitative behaviour of the power system. The research work presents the application of bifurcation technique to investigate Subsynchronous Resonance (SSR) which is one of the power system problems observed in a series capacitor compensated long transmission system connected to a turbo-generator. It also presents an effective method to control the bifurcations of SSR by designing auxiliary SSR damping controller based on modal speed deviations for FACTS controllers with energy storage. This controller works satisfactorily for different modes of operation of FACTS controllers and suppresses all the bifurcations of SSR for 0-100% series compensation.

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  1. 1. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11071-018-4608-0
  2. 10.11591/ijpeds.v8i4.pp1822-1829

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Spring 10-1-2022