Modeling and Control of Photovoltaic Systems for Various Applications

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News Article


Modeling and Control of Photovoltaic Systems and to extend it further to the development of an efficient, scalable, cheap and viable power electronics system for renewable energy generation and storage. To improve the tracking performance as well as to reduce the cost, a single voltage-sensor-based adaptive MPPT technique employing a variable scaling factor is developed. For a systematic design of adaptive technique, a voltage reference control technique with the association of PI-controller is introduced for the implementation of input voltage-sensor-based MPPT algorithm. Photovoltaic module mismatching and non-uniform insolation conditions are the major drawbacks of the PV systems. The distributed maximum power point tracking (DMPPT) method is an effective solution to mitigate these drawbacks but, the DMPPT with conventional algorithms requires more number of sensors to implement. An Output voltage or current sensor based DMPPT algorithm with parallel configuration is implemented. The DMPPT together with battery charge controller is implemented by considering the battery voltage and charging current.

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Spring 10-1-2022