Durability and water aging study on physical, mechanical and wear properties of hybrid polymer nanocomposites

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Polymer composites are used in various applications exposed to wet service conditions. Because of their susceptibility to hydrolysis, swelling, crazing, plasticization, oxidation, and a decrease in the effective average cross-linked molecular weight, polymers suffer irreversible harm when exposed to water for long periods. As a result, absorbed water molecules have a negative impact on the polymer's physical properties, which has a significant impact on their performance. Water absorption by the polymer causes permanent damage, viz., microcavities, additional reducing the polymer's strength. Therefore, a study on water sorption of composites is useful in enhancing the material's durability. The moisture absorption in polymer composites is a function of many factors such as temperature, the weight percentage of fibers, additives used, and exposure period.


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Spring 10-1-2022