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Precambrian rocks are thoroughly important to understand the early development of the crust on our globe. As per the geological time scale, out of 4600 Ma, 88.23% of the total time has been spent on the formation of these rocks, which signifies that to decode early earth's history, these rocks are the best windows to peep in - to visualize paleo-tectonics, important as well as rear melts, and even are best suitable sources to secure derivatives of deeper parts of the earth. The plethora of rocks generated during this Eon are not only the inherent witnesses of the type of plate movement that occurred but have also provided an excellent warehouse of valuable plus noteworthy and economically extractable mineral resources to help mankind to fulfill their needs. The Precambrian Tectono-Metamorphic group of the Department of Civil Engineering, MITM, predominantly works on decoding the deformational history through structural and metamorphic studies to identify new probable sources of economic mineralization brought out by associated processes. The group has also taken an initiative to conserve these valuable rocks with a salient attempt in popularizing such terrains to the future geoscientific community.

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Spring 10-1-2022

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